Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement


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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Whether it is in a restaurant, a cafeteria or in your own kitchen at home, a broken garbage disposal can cause a lot of frustration. Food businesses can get by without one if necessary, and in a private home, they are more of a luxury than anything else, but garbage disposals are very easy to get used to, and a quick repair is always appreciated.

Typical Garbage Disposal Problems

Although a garbage disposal seems like it just chews up food items and gets rid of them, the mechanism to make it happen is actually rather complex. There is an electrical element, a plumbing element, and the blades that pulverize food and could do the same to your fingers if you put them in there at the wrong time. If those blades become dull, there’s an issue with the electrical circuitry that supplies the disposal or if the pipes that take the food away are damaged, the disposal won’t work properly. Depending on the cause, you may end up with drain clogs, a burst pipe, limited power to the unit or no power at all.


The Value of Regular Disposal Maintenance

The best way to avoid unnecessary repair headaches is to have regular maintenance done on the garbage disposal. When you set up a maintenance schedule, you’ll know the blades are always sharp, the electrical connections sound and the pipes that take the food away strong and without damage. Regular maintenance ensures that smaller issues or minor damage doesn’t have a chance to balloon into something that shuts the whole system down and requires extensive repairs or replacement.


Choose Professional Repair and Installation

When you consider all the various components mentioned above, it makes sense to only rely on professionals for your garbage disposal repair and installation. Licensed plumbers have the credentials and the experience to get the system set up properly, troubleshoot any mishaps that take place during the process and keep it running smoothly. Although the DIY temptation may be there, call in a professional for safety and to ensure it gets done right.

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