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Faucets, Sinks & Fixtures

Faucets, fixtures and sinks are part of every modern home, and while they are usually taken for granted it is important to do what is necessary to keep them in good condition. The faucets, fixtures and sinks in your home will last for many years if they aren’t damaged, but when little problems begin to creep in, you may be faced with costly damage that extends beyond that general area.

Common Signs Your Faucet Needs Repairs

Faucets in your bathroom or kitchen have the tendency to develop leaks at the base, or out of the nozzle of the faucet. The constant dripping of a leaky faucet can get on everyone’s nerves in the house, but it can also result in higher water bills, because over time that constant dripping adds up. Whether the leaking takes place at the base or out the nozzle, it’s probably a worn or damaged washer or gasket that needs replacing. These kinds of repairs aren’t major, but it’s still important to take action sooner rather than later.


Risks of a Leaky Bathroom Sink

If you develop a leak around the base of your bathroom sink, or in one of the pipes under the sink, the risks are usually higher than with a dripping faucet. The sink leak can end up causing damage to the wood in the vanity, the floor or the wall behind the sink. Sometimes, a leaky bathroom sink can happen without your knowledge, so it’s important to pay attention to any signs of excess moisture in that area.


Aren’t These DIY Projects?

Many homeowners consider anything to do with faucet, sink or fixture repair to be a DIY project, and while some are able to fix them up properly and avoid damaging anything around them, the best way to ensure they are fixed right is by calling a professional, experienced plumber to do it.


No family can go too long without a functioning faucet, sink or fixture in the house. If your toilet is acting up and not working properly, call Jennings Plumbing Services at (972) 492-5369 in Carrollton, TX and we will send a licensed plumber to make the necessary repairs.

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