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Water Heater Installation Services

When you have a water heater in your home that is professionally installed, it should give you more than a decade of reliable use. That doesn’t mean there won’t be issues along the way, but you will have a source of hot water you can rely on for baths and showers, doing dishes and washing laundry for years to come.

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Does My Water Heater Need Service? 

Even when a water heater has been installed correctly, there are times when your family may run out of hot water. This commonly occurs when the needs of the household exceed the amount of hot water in the tank. If you have a large family or several applications are using hot water at the same time, you may end up running out until the tank fills up again.


Many homeowners find switching to a larger tank is the answer for these instances, but if you’re running out and aren’t using it more than usual, you may have a leak in the tank. Sometimes, you can see water leaking from around the base of the tank, but if that obvious sign isn’t there, one of our professional plumbers can come in and find the water heater problems for you. Aside from less hot water, other signs of a leak include lower water pressure and higher water bills.


Why Is My Water Heater Broken?

If the cause of your water heater malfunction isn’t damage that has caused a leak, regular aging of the system could be to blame.

Like with any appliance, the older your water heater gets, the less efficient it will be. Since it is dependent on a thermostat to heat the water to the correct temperature, problems with the wiring in the thermostat can also be to blame. 

Many other common causes that lead to water heater malfunction: 

  • Thermostat Malfunction: The thermostat controls the temperature of the water heater. If this component is broken or malfunctioning, you may lose your hot water or get scalded.
  • Electrical Component Failure: Modern water heaters rely on their electrical components to function efficiently. If wires are corroded or the electrical system has shorted out, you may lose hot water completely.
  • Potential Physical Damage: Cracks or dents to the unit can lead to other problems with the water heater. If you notice physical damage to the unit, call for hot water tank repair right away.
  • Thermocouple Problems: This safety device is an essential part of your gas water heater. It senses when the pilot is not lit and shuts down the gas valve
  • Dirty Pilot & Burner Assembly: Periodic cleaning prevents water heater outages.
  • Fill Tube is Broken: Electric Water Heaters have a fill tube that pulls hot water from the bottom of the tank, ensuring proper operation and full use of all hot water in the tank. When this malfunctions or breaks then you will experience what appears to be a hot water shortage. 


Whatever the issue may be, rest assured knowing our expert plumbers can easily diagnose and repair your water heater and get your household back up and running in no time.  

Choose Expert Water Heater Services

It can be tempting to go with the handyman or the unlicensed professional when it comes to water heaters and their associated price tags. Trust us when we tell you that we have often seen the results of such work and we were not impressed. We highly recommend that you use a licensed and trained professional to install your water heater or for your next water heater service. The safety of you and your family is paramount.  Jeopardizing that safety isn’t worth any amount of money. Please give us a call, we would love the chance to help you and your family today.

If you’ve been noticing fluctuations with the hot water in your household, or if you aren’t getting ANY hot water at all, call Jennings Plumbing Services at (972) 492-5369 in Carrollton, TX and we will send out a technician to find the problem and provide you with the rsolution you need. 

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