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Jennings Plumbing Services is the right choice! Our Carrollton plumbing professionals work on all plumbing issues including gas plumbing, commercial plumbing, tankless water heater repair or installation, water heater repair or installation, drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, below slab water leak detection services, and so much more.

All our Carrollton plumbers have been drug screened and background checked. To ensure the safety of the public each qualified Carrollton, TX plumber that works for Jennings carries a State of Texas plumbing license. We require that each plumber comply with these standards in order to ensure that only the best Carrollton plumbers work in your home. 

Plumbing permits are necessary and must be filed for certain plumbing jobs according to the requirements of the local municipality that your business or residence is located in. For your convenience Jennings Plumbing Services requires each of its Carrollton plumbers to secure and file the required permits that are needed for each new plumbing job. To make the process smoother our team will also take care of scheduling any needed inspections or re-inspections. Call Jennings Plumbing Services today for the best Plumber Carrollton TX! 

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We are proud to offer fair, friendly and fast Plumbing Services. Check out our 350+ positive plumbing reviews in and around Carrollton, TX.


We put our customers first. We want to make sure your needs are taken care of and we keep you informed each and every step of the way.


We are a family owned and operated local Carrollton business established in 2003 and serving customers like you for almost 17 years.

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Get exactly what you want or need without the annoying sales tactics employed by other less reputable plumbing companies.

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Our Specialties

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slab Leak repairs

Need an expert plumber for below slab leak detection and below slab leak repairs? Jennings Plumbing in Carrollton, Texas has qualified expert plumbers with the latest leak detection equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Slab Leak Repair Image

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

If you think you need a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement in Carrollton, Texas or the surrounding areas Jennings Plumbing Services Specializes in these labor intensive repairs.

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Water Heater Services

If you’re in need of tankless or traditional water heater service, water heater installation, water heater repairs, or water heater replacement call Jennings Plumbing Services today!

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Drain Cleaning Services

Toilets backed up? Shower wont drain properly? Commercial kitchen backed up? We provide full Residential and Commercial drain cleaning services in Carrollton, including Hydro-jet services.

Drain Cleaning Services


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When a plumbing issue arises, its never easy to deal with. For expert plumbing services near you please call Jennings Plumbing now. We are not available 24 hours a day for emergency plumbing services, however we may still have availability to help during our regularly scheduled business hours which are Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm. We employ the most professional and experienced plumbers in Carrollton, TX in order to provide only the best Carrollton plumbing services.

Choose the Carrollton plumbers that are referred and reviewed daily! With more than 25 years of plumbing experience, we know Carrollton plumbing!

Emergency Plumbing Carrollton Texas
Carrollton, TX Water Heater Services

Carrollton Hot Water Heater Services
Jennings Plumbing Services specializes in water heater repair and installation. Most houses have a tanked water heater. These are the often seen water heaters that keep hot water stored in a full tank until you are ready to use it. Jennings Plumbing Services will help you in selecting the perfect water heater for your house based on a few factors. The first thing to consider is the size of your home, the length of its pipes and the amount of the amount of people using them. Jennings Plumbing Service can help you to get a water heater that is not only energy efficient but will also help you save money. Please keep in mind that repairing or installing water heaters is a difficult job and should only be done by licensed professional plumbers.

Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters heat water without using a storage device. Jennings Plumbing Services loves tankless water heaters. The reason Jennings love’s tankless water heaters is that they have become very energy efficient, they are compact and the manufacturers typically offer longer manufacturer warranties. Their energy efficiency helps you save money on your monthly utility bills, and thats a win! Tankless water heaters generally offer longer warranties, which provides you with peace of mind knowing they will operate for a greater length of time. Call Jennings today, we will help you get the best water heater for your house and also install it.

Tankless Water Heater Services
Carrollton Plumber

Plumbing Repair
Any time your home faces a plumbing problem not only can it be a daunting experience but you will also need it repaired quickly and efficiently. Jennings has highly trained, state licensed, background-checked plumbers that are knowledgeable and happy to fix your plumbing problems today! Contact Jennings today so we can get your plumbing system back to operating as good or better than it was before.

Plumbing Inspection
Every home owner wants to keep plumbing issues from cropping up. But what many homeowners do not know is that having a licensed professional perform a plumbing inspection every year can help them do that. Professional plumbing inspections can help detect whether or not your plumbing system is operating optimally. Contact Jennings Plumbing Services today to schedule your next home plumbing inspection!

Carrollton, Texas Plumbing Inspections
Carrollton Texas PEX Repiping Service

Repiping Services
Are you noticing low water pressure? Or how about problems using more than one fixture at a time? Perhaps you regularly see rusty or red water coming from your pipes? If so, then you should probably get some repiping services performed. The process of repiping begins with replacing your rusty, older pipes with newer and better ones that can increase not only the quality but also the pressure of the water in your house. Repiping is always a very difficult procedure, so be sure you always hire a licensed professional. Call Jennings Plumbing Services today! We can help your home get better water pressure and get hot water quicker.

Drain Cleaning Services
Often times drain lines can get clogged up, this is a clear sign that you are in need of drain cleaning services.  but don’t worry, this is a very common issue and Jennings has the licensed and trained plumbers that you need. Please keep in mind that should you neglect a drain problem, it could cause a much larger issue that can end up costing you substantially more to fix. While many times you will hear a friend say that a clogged drain is an easy fix, its not always that simple. A lot of drain problems can be much more complicated than an ordinary do-it-yourself kind of job, so contact Jennings if you notice anything wrong or out of the ordinary. Jennings has many years of experience with clogged drain problems and will get them fixed as soon as possible for you.

Professional Carrollton Drain Cleaning Services
Hydro Jet Services

Hydro-Jet Services
Hydro-jetting is a method of eliminating gunky build up and debris in tanks and lines with the use of high-pressure water to remove blockages. Often these blockages are made from grease, heavy sludge, or tree roots that have built up over time. New hydro jetting equipment with advanced technology makes this process quick and efficient. This process needs to be done by licensed plumbers because it can be dangerous if done by someone with no training or experience. Contact Jennings today to get your sewer or drain lines cleansed!

Sewer Line Service
Jennings Plumbing provides many sewer services such as sewer line replacement, sewer line repair, sewer line cleaning and sewer line camera inspections. Each of these services do their part in optimizing the performance of your homes plumbing systems. Sewer lines can stop working due to a multitude of issues including ground shifting, age, inconsistent temperatures or other things. Jennings sewer line services may be able to fix those pesky plumbing problems you’ve been experiencing. Contact Jennings today for sewer line services.

Carrollton, TX Sewer Line Repair

For a licensed plumber near Carrollton, Texas, 75006, 75007, and 75010, call Jennings Plumbing, a Licensed Plumbing Repair Service Contractor: 972-492-5369

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Jennings Plumbing Services Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 10 customer reviews

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Great Experience, Great Professional Carrollton Plumbing Company

Review of Jennings Plumbing Services

This Carrollton Plumbing company was top notch. Great experience with these guys and gals over at Jennings Plumbing Services. Everything went smoothly.. Mike came out and quickly unclogged our sewer system and performed a sewer camera service to make sure we didnt have any additional issues. On time, clean and professional. Couldnt ask for more. Thanks Jennings!

Map of Carrollton, TX

Wonderful experience

Review of Jennings Plumbing Services

Michael was amazing. My first experience with a plumber, and he was exceeding friendly and so helpful. I was immediately comfortable with him and he walked me through everything he was doing. He advocated for me with my home warranty company and tried his best to get things covered. He provided quick and excellent service and I would highly recommend.

Map of Carrollton, TX

Great service!

Review of Jennings Plumbing Services

Jennings was great. Our technician explained everything very thoroughly.

Map of Carrollton, TX

Great experience!

Review of Jennings Plumbing Services

Getting ready to sell my home. Michael helped me with the plumbing work quickly and efficiently and then offered a few ideas about other things that may come up with a buyer. On time, friendly, informative and not pushy. What a novelty!!! Thank you Michael and thank you Jennings!

Response from Jennings Plumbing Services:

Donna, Thank you for taking the time to fill out the review!

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great, fast service

Review of Jennings Plumbing Services

Was recommended to me by others, and fixed items quickly. Haven't had to call a plumber in years and was pleased w their service. Michael was very friendly and professional.

Michael C.

Michael C.

Hooked up gas meter and relit both water heaters

Near Dove Creek Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006
Michael C.

Michael C.

Installed gas control valve on WH, installed customer supplied trim.

Near Chimney Rock Dr, Carrollton, TX 75007
Michael C.

Michael C.

Installed new 50 gal WH and code upgrades.

Near Derby Run, Carrollton, TX 75007
Michael C.

Michael C.

Performed water sewer test and camera service

Near Canyon Trail, Carrollton, TX 75007
Michael C.

Michael C.

Hot water mixer valve leaking under sink. Removed valve per owner request. He stated heater not set to new than 120

Near Crescent Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006
Michael P.

Michael P.

Fixed leaks and garbage disposal issues

Near E Branch Hollow Dr, Carrollton, TX 75007
Xavier A.

Xavier A.

Passed inspection, backfilling dirt.

Near Derbyshire Ln, Carrollton, TX 75007
Steven R.

Steven R.

Locate below slab leak

Near Lacy Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006
Michael C.

Michael C.

Fixed clogged toilet issues

Near Hayden Dr, Carrollton, TX 75006
Xavier A.

Xavier A.

Gas Tested yard line which leaked, gas tested home held test, gas tested yard line for pool held test, gas yard line riser to house leaked and needs to be replaced so we started trenching for reroute around pool equipment

Near Derbyshire Ln, Carrollton, TX 75007

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