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Problems with your gas line have the potential to be quite serious, so pick up the phone and call as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary. Save money today with our plumbing coupons and discounts.

Despite the potential dangers, if your home relies on natural gas or propane to power the furnace, oven, water heater or other appliances, you have a gas line running to the house. It’s not common for a gas line to cause explosions and fires, but it is possible, which is why keeping the line in good working shape is so important.

Signs You Have a Gas Line Leak

A gas line leak means that the natural gas or propane being delivered to your home is leaking from the pipe or line that is carrying it. This isn’t like a water leak that can leak for days or weeks without anyone taking notice. A gas line leak will usually cause a foul odor like rotten eggs in your home, which is one of the main signs. Another sign is the sound of hissing where the leak has occurred, as the gas escapes from the line. If you notice one or both of these signs, call for help immediately.

Leave that Gas Line Alone

Under no circumstances should a homeowner try to repair or install a gas line on his or her own. There are many home improvement activities that work well with the DIY approach, but this is not one of them. The only person that should touch your gas line is a qualified professional, so make sure you erase this element from your DIY vocabulary.


Attempting to perform a gas line repair without a plumbing license is akin to trying to fly a plane without a pilots license. It isn’t good for you or anyone who lives around you because you are literally endangering the lives of the ones you love most as well as the people who live directly around you. If you smell an unpleasant odor in your home and fear that you may have a potential natural gas leak, seek professional help immediately.  

Should I Leave the House?

The first thing you should do if you notice signs of a gas line leak is leave the house. Get everyone out and call 911 to report the leak and explain what you saw, heard or smelled. Next, let your local plumber know what has happened, so they can arrange to come out and repair the line, if necessary. Safety is the only consideration with a gas line leak, so follow every safety step throughout the process.


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